Kallisti's Lotto Sorting Utility

Enter Random Maximum, ie /random 1000

How many results, ie top 25?
Descending (ie high rolls win or Ascending (low rolls win)?

Copy and Paste the chat log text here:

How to use this Lotto Sorting Program:

1. Turn your chat logging ON (Press "L")
2. Tell the people "/random 1000 on my yell", then /yell
3. Give them some time to get their act together and roll
4. /yell
5. Turn your chat logging OFF to update your chat log
6. On your second PC or window, open the chat.log from your DaoC directory
7. Copy/paste the relevant part of the chat log into the box above and press "Sort"
8. The rolls are then sorted and any duplicate rolls are counted BUT ONLY THE FIRST ROLL is displayed. Any rolls OUT of range eg /random 10000 or /random 100 are ignored.

Notes for ease of use:

1. It is useful to have 2 people doing this to make sure everyone agrees
2. Make sure you stand in the correct place, next to the raid leader for example, to make sure you can hear ALL the /random rolls
3. Whether you take any notice of the duplicate rolls information is up to you. I just provide it
4. How you deal with other aspects of the lotto and which actual numbers you choose to use are up to you. Some people like to lotto things 5 at a time, others all 25 respec stones at once.